More than a personal trainer

StandFit+ Healthy believe that the best and most successful way to achieve goals is to truly get to know clients. I tailor programmes to suit your lifestyle and fit around your schedule. Every person is an individual, every programme is unique. 

What I have to offer

Something for everyone

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At StandFit+ Healthy I am constantly progressing as a fitness service. Delivering online training programmes, one to one and couples sessions at home or in the gym. I can design and develop online programmes for you and take you through the whole journey through your phone!!! I also run group outdoor fitness classes. I have services to suit all budgets and schedules. 

Avoid un-neccessary costs

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StandFit+ Healthy are proud to offer more affordable personal training packages. I offer excellent rates on programme packages and courses. I can even help you save more time and money by offering online personal training services, so you can have my expertise delivered directly to your phone!

Always delivering top service as a Top professional

Jodie standish fitness professional. somersault. Personal trainer. Personal training. exercise.

StandFit+ Healthy are passionate about delivering top standards of fitness training to  clients. As a personal trainer I pride myself on being highly skilled, friendly, passionate and committed to help you become the best version of yourself.

StandFit+ Healthy founder

Jodie Standish

Jodie Standish is an ex world class gymnast who has dedicated her life to fitness and helping people lead healthy and happy lives. With over 15 years as a top level athlete, competing with the best in the world on various international stages, she gained invaluable knowledge on what to do and what not to do in terms of fitness, exercise and nutrition. Jodie has since tuned her passion, experience and knowledge to personal training. With a drive to help educate and train people to become the strongest, healthiest and happiest versions of themselves, she has a truly caring and compassionate nature and always delivers results.

"I founded StandFit+ Healthy with a desire to educate and train as many people as possible to become the best versions of themselves that they can be. Using fun, uncomplicated and effective training and nutritional advice, I work with clients personally to understand how you work and how we can build the best programme possible in order to achieve your goals.

My job is to work with you as an individual, to change your life for the better, I will plan programmes which we will complete together as a team, we will look through your diet and current lifestyle and come up with a plan to make manageable changes to make a huge impact on your life. I will motivate, encourage and help you on this journey to success and most importantly we'll have fun whilst doing so!"

StandFit+ Healthy has had  excellent success with clients and I am continually striving to reach new clients, in different areas, with a whole range of fitness goals and objectives.

Contact me today to see if I can provide services to you in your area and if you cant find a suitable package on our website, give me a call or drop me an email to see if I can arrange a more suitable service.


What's going on...

Fitness and nutritional advice and training

StandFit+ healthy offer advice, guidance and training to adults in the London area. Offering one to one session, couples packages, group training and a new 6 week self training programme, I offer services to people with all abilities.

New year, New habits...

What ever you are looking for. Give me 21 days and I'll have you set in a new healthier habit!! will power required!!

Home base

I currently base my personal training services at City Sport Gym, located close to old street, barbican and Farringdon tube stations. I also l work as a mobile PT, however basing myself in a gym I am able to work year round and work with clients who have more complex goals.

Online Personal training

If you want to work with me yet are too far away. I can train you literally anywhere in the world. I offer programming services via a mobile app so you can get my programmes in your pocket. with demo videos along with tips, weight selections, reps ranges, sets and even tempo advice for each exercise. Each programme is tailored to your needs and desires to get you to your goals. 

Program packages- save and succeed

I have a range of programe packages to guarantee results and help you save the pennies at the same time. Train with me from as little as £40 per session for public members at my gym residency in EC1V- Contact me to book today and start your journey towards a StandFit and Healthy future.