As a personal trainer in London, it is important that I continue to develop my skills and knowledge to keep up with the ever changing industry and ensure that I am offering a top class personal training service to my clients. Feed back both good and bad is an invaluable way of ensuring that I am giving the best work outs, and  service that I can offer, Jodie Standish is proud to say she has never failed in this. 'I truly care about my clients and have a unique experience with each and every person I work with'. Here are some recent reviews I have received: 

"Jodie is the best! No REALLY…..she pays special attention to helping me strengthen my knees whilst also getting me fit - feeling and looking good. She is extremely knowledgeable in all areas of fitness and health and I can tell she spends time tailoring my sessions especially to me each week. She has a great sense of humour and training with her is always fun (but also hard work! she pushes to be get the results I wanna feel and see). I highly recommend her."

"I had amazing experience with Jodie! She helped me not just to lose weight but also to find a healthy lifestyle meanwhile building my confidence. I enjoyed every session with her cuz she’s always energetic and inspiring, definitely worth to be friend with. I am a foreign student and Jodie has always been patient and friendly to me and I lost 10kg in 6 month, my shape changed so much and I look fit thanks to her. More importantly I feel good both physically and mentally! I wish I can show you how I look now and then so you know her magic power lol. Highly recommend Jodie. =]"

"I absolutely love my training sessions with Jodie standish. I've never had such a challenging work out but she is really supportive and encouraging so I don't give up. I do my personal training with a couple of friends in Lewisham/ Bromley and really appreciate how Jodie tailors the exercises for each of us and delivers programmes which are helping tackle our individual weaknesses - for me my knee and core stability. I've noticed a huge improvement in my overall condition and suffer far less with knee and back pain. I've also noticed my general posture has changed and I feel and look much better. Jodie has an incredible amount of energy even at 6:30am and I can honestly say her sessions are a lot of fun- She varies our exercises each week, and I'm finding the variety and individual support has kept me interested, motivated and enjoying it, something I haven't always found in classes or gyms where it felt more like the same routine each week. Absolutely recommend Jodie to anyone."

"I recently joined city sport and decided to book an induction session. At this session Jodie sat with me and talked about my goals; she really listened to me and gave me a personal experience. She took extra time helping me to come up with a training programme, going above and beyond what I expected. She also helped me to try new aspects of the gym that I usually avoided due to a lack of confidence. She also went out of her way to chat to me and follow up when I was back in the gym after the session. Now for the first time ever, I am enjoying the gym- something I never thought I'd say. Jodie has given me the knowledge and confidence which quite honestly has changed my life!"

"Jodie is so excellent!! She is energetic and warm-hearted. She helps me a lot not only lose my weight but also build my confidence and energy! Every session is a happy time for me! I fancy having sessions with Jodie!! She helps me a lot to face difficulties and face fear. I learned some life formulas with her! As I am international student, I am not fluent in English, she also helps me to improve my English! Thank you a lot!! I fancy going her every session! When I feel tired, after session I will feel full of energy!!"