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StandFit+Healty online personal training Services and prices

I can tailor packages to suit your needs. You can combine online personal training with individual Personal training in London. What ever your requirements, I can create a truly unique programme for you. 

Save as you succeed!

With my new pricing strategy you can guarantee to reach your goals and save a ton of money. Try my 3 month or 6 month program packages to get the most out of your training, time and money!! 

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Contact StandFit+ Healthy for any questions about training, packages and programmes. 

Online personal training

Online personal training


Unsure of what to do when your working but can't afford a personal trainer? don't panic, I've got you covered. You can do my workouts, on your own, in your own time, for a fraction of the price. I have created an app with a huge bank of exercises and workouts ready to personalise and send directly to your phone! 

After a quick questionnaire to work out your goals and current fitness levels, I will then sort out a programme for you.

 You will receive a workout programme with demos and descriptions, if your really going for it, you can even have a tailored nutritional plan to follow along side your workout programme! 

Is online training for me?

I’m writing this to help those of you who are interested in online coaching,  there are many pros and cons to it, and it isn't always for every one.

Online coaching is generally for people with some level of knowledge regarding exercise. It’s not always ideal for people who have never stepped foot in a gym before. If this is you, I can set up a few one to one sessions with you, to teach you the workouts and ensure you are safe and able to continue solo without any issues!. With online coaching you wont have anyone to push you along, and it is super easy for you to fall off the wagon and avoid training and dieting, therefore, if you know you need that push, then you may be better off working with me in person

Online PT pros and cons


  • Cost effective - Priced from around £150 to £175 per month.
  • Knowledge and experience - With Online Personal Training, it means you can work with the best in the world, from anywhere in the world
  • Nutritional planning - With a lot of one to one PT’s you’ll not receive any kind of nutrition guidance, with online coaching I can offer you a full nutrition plan and track it 10
  • Thought out and tailored work out plans - A tailored and structured plan is the best way to achieve your goals and allow trackable progress. With my online coaching, you can input your progress through the app as you train, then view this in graph form, you


  • No direct coaching on technique -Although I have video demos in place, sometimes this isn't enough to master the correct technique
  • Not working directly with your Coach - I have an online chat system in place, however im not always able to reply instantly. I will get back to your questions ASAP but it may not be when you are in your workout. 
  • You'll need to have more self drive - With Online Coaching I wont be waiting at the gym for you, so you go have to find the drive within your self to get there!! 

If you think that online personal training is for you... click the button below to find out more and start your online coaching journey today!!!

One to one personal training

If online training isn't for you, then I can train you face to face at my gym in East London. I am currently working out of City Sport gym in Clerkenwell. Call or email to make an enquiry. Prices listed below:

Price List

Please note that all block bookings of sessions must be used within 2 months of commencing first session.

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Your goal is my goal!

I can tailor online personal training packages along with face to face training to suit all needs. 

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